We have ACCESS TO over 50 breweries home to the Pacific Northwest. 

Send us an email at info@pacrimdistributors.com for an exhaustive list of our brews and our Ex-Factory invoice price list.


Phillips brewing company

Rich history and a constantly refined bottling process over 30 years of brewing. These guys do it right, and operate a soda company, distillery, and malting facility, in addition to the brewery. They are well known and loved all over the Pacific Northwest. Quirky marketing brings great beer to life.


POStmark brewing

A true Westcoast hipster lifestyle brand. They’re as much into music, food, and the arts, as they are in brewing. Brewmaster from Dechutes in Oregon, USA; beer is a true art form. Locally sourced ingredients, fair trade and organic where possible. Wide degree of co-sponsorships in food/music/art; labels by local photographers. You can't NOT love these beers.


PARALLEL 49 BRewing company

Artistic, edgy, eccentric beers. Great marketing straight out of East Vancouver designed to cut through the clutter. Heavily expanding national distribution, on trend, and increasingly popular. P49 are masters of seasonal varietal and collaborations all across the Pacific Northwest.



True icons of the nightlife and bar industry in Vancouver sold everything in the ‘80s and landed in hop farms and breweries. Off the Rail focuses on the highest quality ingredients and hop varietals you wont find anywhere else.


Coal Harbour BRewing Company

Coal Harbour concentrates on only doing a few beers, very well. They’re out to win awards by perfecting just a few styles. All are sessionable, iconic versions of West Coast beer. Whether you’re a lager lover, a yeast beast or a hop goblin, they’ve got you covered.


Strange fellows brewing

Strange fellows is a West Coast brewery which celebrates the strange and extraordinary things in life. Unique branding and old world traditions, coupled West Coast ingenuity and some award winning barrel aged beers make this brewery a force to be reckoned with.


CENTRAL CITY brewers + Distillers

Central City is as Canadian “brewery/distillery” as you can get. Wide variety of beer styles and formats including the ever popular Red Racer. They offer a variety of high end spirits as well, and have consistently been winning awards, globally.


DRIP Beverages

Drip beverages is Canada's first line of Cannabis infused beverages. With the finest cannabis ingredients sourced from Canada's preeminent licensed producers, Drip is the next evolution of your evening. Cannabis infused. Micro-dosed. 100 Calories. Ages 19+.