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The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most forward thinking beer producers in the world. From the Canadian free form craft beers of British Columbia, to the burgeoning craft beer scenes in Oregon and Washington (USA), the Pacific Northwest is on the artistic forefront of the beer industry and is producing award winning taste profiles recognized in beer circles across the globe.

Pacific Rim Distributors (PACRIM) are a group of beer enthusiasts committed to bringing award winning beers to the world. We believe in the value of differentiated flavor profiles, and know that there is much more about beer in the Pacific Northwest than aggressive hop bitterness. We are eager to prove this to a new generation of consumers, worldwide.


Reality has a way of intruding, even in the beer business. Despite unique hop extracts and experimental techniques into pasteurization, even great beer remains a food product, and is inherently inferior to the laws of time. Great beer needs to be consumed, and quickly. 

The vast majority of craft brewers remain focused on the fine art of developing quality products – yet lack an effective and timely means of distribution. Existing providers remain highly localized, delivering niche beer to existing and over-saturated niche channels. While these local distribution providers offer an essential service, they largely ignore the broader global beer community, and offer little room for international expansion. 


Canadian products are already known internationally for their premium nature and uncompromising quality, and Canadian craft beer is no different. Vancouver, BC was rated by Vogue Magazine as the craft beer capital of North America for good reason - it produces some of the best craft beer in the world. Ingredients are hyper local and continually leveraged; over 90% of the hops in North America are grown in BC/Washington, and over 1/3 of the malt is grown in the Canadian prairies. Combine these local, premium ingredients with (1) the pure, rocky mountain glacier water in Vancouver, (2) on-trend brewmasters that literally were pioneers of the craft beer scene, (3) state of the art facilities - and you get a phenomenal product that outranks a majority of products being sold globally on market.


We at PACRIM Distributors know there is an insatiable appetite for great beer which stretches far beyond our borders. It is our sole mission to share the unique brews which we love and enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest, with all those eager enough to search.

We believe in the global craft beer revolution and are here to play in this business for the next 20 years. We start in immature markets, develop and seed the craft beer momentum first, and then build our brands over the long run. There is no trading here, only stable growth and continuous support with our partner networks.

We pride ourselves on the beers we represent, we stand by the quality of our brew masters, and are committed to providing suppliers, retailers, and consumers with the highest level of service. 

Distribution remains the key to the success of every beverage product, and every business says they want to be partners with their distributors – at PACRIM Distributors, it is our intention to prove it.